Ecommerce SEO Basics for SMEs

Where are we now?

We live in a mobile era, where 67% of time spent are on smartphones. The number of online purchases
made through mobile phones is also rising. According to an article by Statista, mobile phone
sales account for around 34% of total online sales in the US from 2017. This number could also rise to
53.9% by 2019. Mobile searches are also highly common, with a whopping 72% of food &
beverage-related searches done over mobile.

Though there is a considerable shift to mobile, desktop and tablets aren’t exactly left behind due to the following reasons. First is that consumers conduct initial searches on mobile, and still make final purchasing decisions using their desktop or tablet. Second is that desktops and tables are utilized for transacting more important matters. While consumers favor using their mobiles for games and social media, they rely on their desktops and tablets for decisions such as purchasing a home or vehicle.

The data above affirms the fact that Ecommerce is an at an all-time high, with online users visiting online
sales platforms on different devices. SME businesses should take advantage of this upward trend by engaging in more user-driven marketing initiatives, such as Ecommerce SEO services.

What is Ecommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO refers to Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing your website’s architecture, design, and content in order to bring in more online traffic and sales. Another name for Ecommerce SEO is search marketing.

Why do I need to invest in Ecommerce SEO?

Online searches still generate the most user traffic to a website. Hence, you should position yourself well on search engines for users to notice you. Also, and more importantly: the key to gaining online users’ trust is being visible and efficient. Ecommerce SEO helps you achieve visibility on the first page of search engine results. Appearing immediately on search engine results makes your company the go-to “person” for an online user’s needs. By making online users’ journey easy and efficient, you get to earn their trust. The third reason is that of the multi-platform purchasing decision trend that’s mentioned above. Finally, it’s the best way to sustain your SME business online.

Can I do Ecommerce SEO in-house?

You can as there are a lot of SEO guides online and have your in-house IT person work on it. Or you could hire another staff member for the job. However, those solutions are too costly and would not guarantee results. You can spend months of training and still not get it right. Hence, it is more viable for SMEs like yours to outsource Ecommerce SEO services to ensure success while being cost-efficient. Ecommerce SEO agencies possess the expertise and cost less than raising your IT department’s salary and training budget or adding a new employee to your roster.

There are a lot of search marketing agencies that provide SEO for Ecommerce website. It’s just a matter of finding one that has experience, expertise, offers customised SEO solutions and delivers truly excellent customer service.

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