How to Develop New Ideas for Mobile Apps

With so many mobile apps available, is it possible to develop a totally new idea for one? Absolutely. Can you make your own version of famous apps? Yes. But the novelty or commerciality of an idea is secondary to the usefulness of the app. What is it for? Who is it for? Developing new ideas for mobile apps depend primarily on who and what your business for. Here are some things you could base your new app on:


A mobile app works as a product and a place where you can continue giving good customer experience. As a product, it should be able to provide what your business can, in the absence of a physical store. As an extension of your business, it should give users comprehensive data and a seamless experience. The rationale for creating a new app shouldn’t be to jump on the overcrowded app train. It should reflect your business’ mission and vision.


Your app should also uphold your company’s values. Apart from efficiency and great customer experience, what are the other things that your company stands for? Does your company support certain advocacies and charities? Your app should be able to reflect that. For example, a bookstore business can create a game app which promotes the value of reading to primary children.

Business Plan

Take a look at your business plan and determine if creating an app can help you achieve growth. If you have an automobile company, you would want people to buy more cars from you. Hence, you could create an app that helps them find scrap car yards easily.


People’s Behavior, Particularly Your Customers

Look at what products or services people spend their most resources (money and time) on. It could be finding the toiletries section at your grocery store. Or it could be non-life insurance products. Once you identify these products or services, you need to find a way to make them easily available to your customers through an app.

Customer Complaints

Review the most common complaints your customers have been sharing with you for the past few years and see how you could address them using a mobile app.

Customer Loyalty Programs

If you have an existing discount card or loyalty program in place, it’s time to digitize the service. You get to save on printing and tracking customer loyalty points. If your company doesn’t have these, then this is an app idea tL consider.


Take on the competition by developing a mobile app that’s better than what they have – or pioneer the first mobile app for your industry!

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