Online Halal Sites that are Using Ecommerce to Expand Their Outreach

Ecommerce is currently a huge billion dollar industry that many online niches such as personal development, products, internet marketing and more have latched on. Everyone from a small business owner, niche guru, small medium enterprise (SME) to even multinational corporations (MNC) are jumping onto the ecommerce bandwagon to increase their conversion rates and ultimately sales.

A highly targeted niche which is on the rise now is online Halal sites. Online Halal sites are now also tapping on ecommerce to expand their brands and outreach to the worldwide Muslim community that has exceeded 1.6 billion people and is continually rising. What was once mainly halal brick and mortar shops  have extended to online ecommerce sites.

Numerous fashion, food, travel guides and other ecommerce sites that cater to the Muslim market are fast cropping up each and everyday. Now, you can easily search the internet to find sites that inform you of great halal food in Singapore, top halal restaurants in London, mouth watering halal food in Bangkok, trendy shops that sell Muslim fashion and accessories and much more. You can even make purchases or bookings online on these ecommerce sites from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone.

Ecommerce fashion sites sell many different Muslim friendly clothes like abayas, head scarves and burkinis. But fashion sites are not just limited to clothes. You can also find other Muslim accessories like praying mats, oudh/attar fragrances and even prayer beads. Many of these sites have physical shops to cater to the local community but extend their outreach to the foreign market via online ecommerce sites.

The next huge Muslim centric niche that utilises ecommerce effectively is the food industry. Apart from satisfying their current customers that flock to their shop, halal food owners have also used ecommerce sites to increase their customer base and improve their sales. These sites offer online catering, food delivery, advance orders and much more. With ecommerce sites, many of these functions can be done seamlessly and customer satisfaction can be guaranteed.

Another hugely popular Muslim niche that is using ecommerce sites is halal travel guides. Muslim travelers are constantly looking for new cities to visit and places to spend their holidays with family and friends. However, it can sometimes be an uphill task to look for Muslim friendly and Halal places in certain cities which consist of predominantly non-Muslim citizens.

Here is where online halal travel guides come in handy. They will review numerous cities and highlight Muslim friendly and Halal Hotels, eateries and activities found there. If you are searching for delicious halal restaurants in New York, sumptuous halal food in Tokyo, great halal food in Hong Kong or even a halal hotel in Thailand, then online halal travel guides will usually be able to provide you with the necessary information. And with the use of ecommerce, you can do much more and even book hotels, tickets and make reservations online via these online halal guide sites. One such example is HalalGo, a trending online halal guide for Muslim conscious travelers.

Ecommerce sites are now taking the online market by storm. Online Halal sites have realised the huge potential of ecommerce sites and are increasingly tapping on this industry. So the next time you are online, be sure to check out the abundance of ecommerce halal sites to meet your needs.

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