Zeeq Smart Pillow: Amazing Device and Latest Kickstarter

Zeeq product has been a big interest for many people on Kickstarter for a while, and then it became available for pre-ordering and beta-versions. This is why our experts decided to invest in one and gather some information about this unique and overall beautiful gadget.

Everyone knows those heated conversations about the quality of sleep. Different apps and desktop programs are widely used by many people all over the globe. Because people want to improve their quality of sleep, this smart pillow immediately got its share of popularity on Kickstarter.

Functions and Features

Zeeq pillow is more than just a lovely device for sleeping. Nevertheless, we want to admit, that even being full of technology inside and out, it remains really soft and comfortable for a nap or a full night sleep. It could very well be orthopedic; you won’t feel any stiffness in your neck or a headache as you wake up. You don’t feel the electronic devices when you lay down, the fabric it’s made of is breathable and have built-in protection from microbes and bacteria. Even so, you still can use your old pillowcase, if you’re attached to it.

But the qualities inside are what actually makes this pillow so good. It does so much more than a regular REM app. It’s able of tracking your sleep cycles and waking you up when you really need it. This pillow ensures you will always have some extra time, as it wakes you up prior to the time you set it on, in the right phase of your REM cycle.

There is a smartphone app that will allow you track your sleeping habits and cycles, so you can see your patterns. If you have some chronic conditions or suffer from the lack of sleep, this will be really useful for you, as you will be able to give that info to your doctor. It can also track your exercising or eating habits if you need this option. Yes, it could be switched off, if you desire.

After we ran a few tests, we noticed that you only need to charge your pillow about once a week, if you use it for 7 days consequently. This makes it a nice choice for busy people or those of us who always forget about those tiny details.

If you’re experiencing any sleeping problems, you will definitely like the music feature a pillow comes with. It allows you to have a better night sleep, connects to your phone (works both for Android and iOS). You also won’t wake up anyone this way, which is important for those people who don’t live alone.

Well, and if you or your partner is a snoring type, you will definitely enjoy the way it can stop those annoying noises at night. A pillow will slightly vibrate (again, it doesn’t interrupt other person’s sleep), but it makes you change your position, so you won’t have to snore. If you experience snoring due to the medical issues, it, unfortunately, won’t work. But for the most people, it will do its job well.

This product will be really useful for anyone who either wants to change some of their sleeping habits or those tired of waking up feeling broken. It’s a good choice that you have to invest in only once, but it will work much better than tons of apps that only prove ineffective.

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Bio Nootropic Energy Supplement: The Best Option Available

Nootropics are getting more and more popular among the Millennials, tired of corporate culture and a rat race. It’s amazing how many products appeared on the market recently, making it almost impossible for a new user to choose something really worthy. This is why we ran some tests and determined, which product, in our opinion, deserves to be called the best one.

What Makes Bio Nootropic Different

  • It really gives you energy.
    Bio product gives you Caffeine and L-Theanine, which seriously differs it from other nootropics. Many brands either give you plain caffeine, which only makes you more stressed and tired. Combining these two elements (it’s scientifically proven) allows you to use your extra energy for clearer focus.
  • It’s really affordable.
    You only have to pay $18 per pack, which will last you a while. You could use it during your busy weeks or hell weeks as vitamins to keep focus and be ready to tackle anything. Otherwise, it’s also good for one-time consumption, this way a pack could last you longer.
  • You feel the difference within minutes.
    When you’re consuming coffee or soda, you don’t feel much difference, but inevitably will feel that you need a second after a while. Bio Nootropic allows you to relocate your energy to different chores and really use it.
  • It also increases your cognitive abilities.
    After we ran a few tests, we realized it doesn’t just increase your energy levels, it actually makes you smarter in some ways. If caffeine usually makes your heart beat faster, without boosting your brain power, Bio acts differently. It will make you able to solve even the hardest tasks you couldn’t do before.
  • It’s non-GMO, gluten-free and organic.
    If you’re worried about harmful elements or toxins, this product is pretty much free of them. It’s fully organic, so you can enjoy it without switching your diet or hurting your personal preferences.
  • It’s as simple as it sounds.
    Usually, you get a product full of different promising ingredients that are all over the box. Bio only includes 2 main components, which might sound simple, but is actually better for your body and more effective. When you’re going for many components, you’re actually getting none of them in the needed amount.
  • It has been tested many times by its developers.
    A big plus for us and anyone is that this product is widely tested by its own developers before it appears on the shelves. This tells you that people creating it actually care about their consumers.

You have to be over 12 y.o. if you decide to take those and probably avoid taking it when pregnant or lactating. Otherwise, those pills are pretty much safe for anyone who can consume caffeine.

After testing, our experts discovered that you probably should also consume as much water as possible when you’re taking this product (caffeine might cause dehydration). For those worried, it also doesn’t make you feel “high”, you just feel a boost of energy and power. That could become a nice way to start your morning if you eliminate good old coffee routine. We strongly advise you to stay away from consuming coffee if you decide to try Bio Nootropics.

Some people also notice a boost of optimism and motivation, decline of asthenia or states of weakness. Others notice that life becomes overall more pleasant. The effect of those pills won’t decline even after a couple months of usage.

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