What Goes into Developing a Mobile App in Singapore?

Developing a mobile app in Singapore is no different from developing an app anywhere else. What you will be getting, if you opt to use a custom mobile app development company, is years of experience using methods that have been proven repeatedly. Think about something that Albert Einstein said – “the only source of knowledge is experience” – and most of the top app company Singapore has to offer employ fully experienced developers and coders. Here’s how they do it, from start to finish:

1. Consultation
The initial step is to talk out your ideas, work out whether they are feasible and what the opportunities are for expanding on those ideas. Without this step, the rest is much harder as it lays the groundwork.

2. User Stories
The features of your app are developed as user stories so that their value can be worked out

3. Specification
Once the initial work is out of the way, they will start work on designing your app and they will provide you with an in-depth specification of your app; how they build it, what is going into it, all the work needed, a visual representation of your mobile app in words. This is the only way that you can see what you are getting and whether it matches your expectations.

4. User Interface Development
The next step is to work out your UI. This is an important part because it is what your users are going to see. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that, so long as it works its fine. People want to see something spectacular, something that makes them want to carry on using that app and brag about it to all their friends. They will produce as many sketches as you need to see to be sure that you are getting what you want and giving permission for your mobile app to enter the development stage.

5. Setting up the Databases and Coding
This is the part of the development that allows your mobile app to be developed for iOS and for Android and it lays the groundwork for the backend to be developed.

6. Application Code
Most developers prefer to use native code for building applications using Java and Swift. This makes it easier to code and keep track of. Often, the backend of a mobile app will be built using Ruby on Rails and this is why you need to have someone who is experienced in several computer programming languages.

7. App Submission
Once your app has been developed and you are happy with everything, the final product will be submitted to the app stores. Getting it into the iOS store and into Google Play Store are the only ways that you can guarantee the success of your app. Your chosen developers will do everything, all the coding, the images, videos, etc., everything that needs to be included and will get it ready for you to submit to the store.

Most Singapore mobile app development companies will provide a guarantee, usually 6 months, in which they will help you to iron out any issues. One such company that you can definitely trust to develop your mobile app is Ambient, Ambient.sg, Web & App Development Agency Singapore & Malaysia.

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